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"Empire Season 3" Release Date Update!!!

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"Empire Season 3" Release Date Update!!! - Moviesay.com
Empire have wrapped it second season with the thrill of explosive finale that left Lyon family in the turmoil and the balance of life is stopped. Fortunately, fans do not have to wait until the fall of the display case to get details about the exhibition season 3. Ilene Chaikene already begandropping hints about what viewers can expect to see in the coming episodes. Here all we know so far about the Empire Season 3. Empire is a series of US television drama tracing the lives of a former drug dealer turned into a hip-hop mogul. It is created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong for Fox, this series starring by Terrence Howard, Taraji P. Henson. The second season began on September 23, 2015 and consists of 18 episodes.

Lucious Lyon is a former drug dealer who became famous hip-hop artist and CEO of Empire Entertainment. He get little help in dealing with his business by his three Hakeem, Jamal and Lyon. Just when everything seems to be perfect, Lucious learn that he has a disease and will be paralyzed within three years. This news is encouraging him to start thinking about who will run the work when he can no longer, that is the moment when his ex-wife named Cookie have released from prison, where she spent time on drug charges. Cookie believed that he owes her, because he is the one who put it to deal with and then use drug money to move his career.

The first season of the Empire blow to Fox and continue to oppose the broadcast ratings. This series rises 76% compared with the season debuted at the last January, and it has massive 12.28 million total viewers between the ages of 18 and 49.Awesome news! Fox has not announced the series would be renewed for another season, we believe that with that success will surely see the Empire season 3 soon. "Empire" Season 3 has many surprises for his fans, who are waiting for the return on the small screen. The long wait is over after the end of Season 2 finale with a lot of suspense and mystery. Fox announced via the official Twitter feed for this series, the third season of 'empire' series will be premiered on September 21. Okay, so it's not surprising, but it is now officially the Empire will be back for a third season. Although ratings have fallen slightly due to a season, the Empire is still a good series in the 18-49 demographic.

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