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The Walking Dead Season 7

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The Walking Dead Season 7 - "The Walking Dead" Season 6 ends within a few hours after the finale show, Episode 16 entitled "The last day on earth." At the same time, fans were wondering what to expect from the exhibition season 7. Here are some spoilers and speculation by various media reports. Also, see what Robert Kirkman, the show creator, and comic books to say about the seventh season.

While the The Walking Dead Season 7 is only months away, and the official summary of the plot should not be expected. In the meantime, fans are able to expect what happened after the introduction of these Negan. It is expected that the series explore the story including the new big bad and how his appearance would change anything for Rick and his group, around the safe area of Alexandria. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Kirkman raises what to expect from The Walking Dead Season 7. According to writer of comic books and showrunner, the next season "would be crazy."

In addition, Cinema blend predicted that the starting of "The Walking Dead" Season 7 would also know the arrival of many new victims. Based on the story of the comic book, this site speculates that next season could see "king" of Ezekiel’s introduction and some residents of the hill colony including Brianna Earl, and many more. Also, aother actress like Alicia Witt recently achieved a major declaration on the social media reports and said her audience that she joined "The Walking Dead" (TWD) cast. However, it did not specify its role.

The announcement of the extension of the series' seventh season was made on 30 October 2015. However, the date of the official broadcast for The Walking Dead Season 7 is not released yet. Given that every season of walking dead series has opened in October, all fans can expect the next season to release in October 2016. The first episode of every season schedule is usually the second October and Sunday. Thus, it could be assumed that this exhibition will premiere in October 9, 2016. Fans should note that the official announcement has been issued, and consider the information with a grain of salt. At the same time, watch the Promo "The Walking Dead" Season 6 finale for Episode 16. Also, make sure if you check again for further spoilers and updates in Season 7. That is all review about The Walking Dead Season 7. if you're a fan of the walking dead, do not miss to watch it here or here keep waiting there until airtime arrived it was a quick website updates videos to watch.

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