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Controversial Nude Scenes in Game of Thrones

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Nude Scenes in Game of Thrones - Emilia Clarke or is better known as Dragon Taming Warrior Queen, has portrayed herself in nude scene in the first five seasons of “Game of Throne” film. So far, in the first episode of Game of Throne film contains nudity, followed by three episodes of the fifth season. The only episode with full male nudity is four episodes of the fifth season.

Episode 4 Game of Thrones was ended with unforgettable nude scene, where Daenerys kill enemies in flames and then get out of it with pride under admiration. Emilia Clarke played the same scene, without the help of double stunts. Emilia Clarke has several scenes showing the best body in the 18+ series. In addition to the shower scene in Season 3, in Season 1 she was naked dragon hatching. This scene shows quite a powerful image of a princess who wants to regain lost ground.

game of throne nude photos moviesaygame of throne nude photos moviesay
Right in the first episode, Season 1, Emilia Clarke greeted the audience with her nude scene for two minutes with a shiny platinum hair. In this scene, Daenerys was preparing to take a bath before seeing the groom. Besides Daenerys, also there are several scenes that show her body. In Episode 3, Season 2, to attract gay King Renly, he went naked, but obviously she can’t do it regardless of how hot she seems. The Red women Melisandre is a character impressed the audience with their scenes of naked. In the first episode of season 6, she showed her 400 years look while take off her clothes. The Dutch actress Carice van Houten has to wear a lot of make-up and use Doblair Theater.
GOT nude - MoviesayGOT nude - Moviesay

Last year, the Game of Thrones Season 5 ended with nude shame scenes of Queen Cersei Lannister. She is Lena Headey, that plays as Cersei Lannister, one of the most influential figures in the game of thrones. She has a controversial Nude Scenes in Game of Thrones in herself. She choose to use her body double for the “walk of shame” extended in the finale season involve a character walking in the bustling streets without using clothes as penance for previous affairs. After the confession, she was stripped, causing people threw rotten tomatoes at her for a long time. Because of that scene, there are many people who criticize her. The film makers have to spend more than $ 200,000 to the scene for five minutes.

Game of Thrones is famous as a series of 18+ describe the bloody conflict of the Kings, which people's lives can be taken at any moment. In a difficult world, the passion is still there. Bathing nude John Snow and his girlfriend also show their affection. That is all about Nude Scenes in Game of Thrones.

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