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Welding machine test system

Welding machine test system
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Wenshun welding machine cutting machine test solution

Help Intelligent Manufacturing - efficient and scientific production - create high-quality welding machines

Wenshun has stepped into the testing field of welding products since 2001. With nearly 20 years of market accumulation, we have served more than 50 + welding manufacturers and scientific research institutions through in-depth cooperation in the industry

Through analysis and exploration, the application scenarios of a series of test products launched by wenshun company have covered the early R & D, production inspection and finished product test of welding machine products, providing full product support for modern welding machine manufacturers

Multi process testing solutions.

Wenshun's welding machine testing series products have obtained a number of patent documents, and various technologies are at the leading level in the industry. They have been stably operated by many large welding machine manufacturers at home and abroad.

Wenshun is committed to providing welding machine manufacturers with more diversified, humanized and efficient comprehensive testing solutions for welding machines, helping to create higher quality and reliable products for users

The intelligent manufacturing of modern welding machine manufacturing enterprises has taken a further step to help welding machine manufacturers effectively shorten the R & D cycle, improve production efficiency, achieve high-quality control of products, and greatly improve the overall management ability of the production line and the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.

Industry users have pain points

Wenshun welding machine test program advantages

2 Backward testing methods

v Provide practical and flexible multi-element test scheme

2 The test equipment is simple

2 There are potential safety hazards

v Provide strict safety test

2 The skill level of personnel in testing posts is uneven

v Test process step manager prefabrication

2 The cost of personnel training is high and the efficiency of production test is low

v Automatic process testing, simple personnel training

2 Poor factory test data management ability

v Database management, test data traceability

2 Other human factors are uncontrollable

v Improve automated testing capabilities and reduce labor costs

Wenshun welding machine cutting machine test solution

"R & D scenario" Application

Application of "batch production line" scenario

2 performance testing

2 Performance qualification

2 Test specification customization

2 Input measured voltage and current

2 Overvoltage and undervoltage

2 Support MES access

2 Output measured voltage and current

2 Small current

2 Finished product aging

2 Efficiency test

2 large current

2 Protection test

2 Insulation withstand voltage test

2 short circuit

2 Automatic data recording

2 Overseas characteristic test

2 load

2 Support code scanning fast test

2 Life test

2 Automatic data recording

2 Test process customization

2 Test welding test

2 Support code scanning test

2 Test specification customization

2 Automatic temperature test of movement

2 Test process customization

2 Support MES access

2 Note: provide diversified testing solutions and support customized services. Welcome to call wenshun

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