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Battery charge and discharge test solution

Battery charge and discharge test solution
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Wenshun - battery charge and discharge test solution

With the rise of electric vehicles, the demand for power batteries is gradually increasing, and the demand of major power battery manufacturers for high-power battery charge and discharge test system is also gradually increasing. Wenshun has developed a comprehensive and high-precision battery charge and discharge solution through multi-channel research on manufacturers and end users in the battery market, which is specially used for various power batteries (lithium iron phosphate Electrical performance test of ternary lithium, lithium manganate, lithium cobaltate, lead acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium battery, nickel cadmium, battery, etc.).

The battery charge and discharge test scheme realizes the overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and overheating protection of the single battery and the balanced charge and discharge test of the battery pack through the real-time monitoring of the voltage, internal resistance, temperature and other parameters of the single battery. A variety of control conditions can be set to simulate various equivalent working conditions to the greatest extent; The system can realize pulse charge and discharge function, cycle test function, and has different levels of protection and early warning function. It can automatically save test data and generate analysis reports, and draw a variety of test parameter curves (voltage, current and temperature curves). It can be used as an automatic test system for performance testing of various power batteries (lead-acid, nickel hydrogen, lithium battery, supercapacitor, hydrogen fuel cell, etc.).

Usage scenario

Lead acid / nickel hydride

lithium battery

Electric vehicle

Battery Module

Electric locomotive

Power battery

UPS battery

Energy storage battery

hydrogen fuel


Test application

Battery charge / discharge

performance testing

Battery cycle

Life test

Battery capacity test

Shipment / incoming inspection

Production test

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