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Grid power load

Grid power load
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In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations such as the energy conservation law and the measures for the administration of power conservation, as well as the requirements of accelerating the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, enterprises should be further strengthened

Power demand side management and improving power utilization efficiency have attracted the attention of all parties. The State Administration of quality supervision and the State Standardization Administration issued GB / t82222008 power consumption level of electrical equipment

In 2009, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places have successively carried out enterprise power balance test.

Significance of grid power load balancing:

The theoretical basis of electric energy balance is the law of energy conservation, which is the balance of "income" and "expenditure" of electric energy.

We find that no matter how the load changes, it is always greater than the minimum load. Below the minimum load is called the base load, which means basic load. Arrange large nuclear power units and thermal power units to meet the base load needs

Please. These units have large capacity and it is difficult to increase or reduce power generation output, but the power generation cost is low, so it is most suitable to bear the basic load.

The amount of electric energy sent out and sent into the power grid by the generator of the power plant depends on the power consumption of the power grid, that is, the power consumption will be reduced due to the reduction of power consumption equipment in the power grid

Electric energy cannot be stored temporarily, so the power generation load of the power plant shall change according to the change of power consumption. When the power consumption load of the power grid is too low, that is, the active power consumption is too low, resulting in power generation

The power factor of the generator is too low (the power factor of the generator in the power plant is usually required to be 0.85), which will bring harm to the generator.

Product application

Ws PI network power load automatic balancing system is a system based on WS intelligent load, which can fully automatically, intelligently and dynamically balance the balance relationship between power generation and power consumption of enterprise owned power plants

The system aims to solve the safety, reliability and economic problems during the operation of power plants owned by heavy energy consuming enterprises. The ultimate goal is to make users pay no attention to the matching between power generation and power consumption

Worry that the start and stop of large power load will impact the self owned power plant, so as to rest assured to enjoy the low-cost electric energy brought by the self owned power plant.

1. Increasing the power factor of electrical appliances can reduce the transmission current and reduce the power loss on the transmission line. Too low power factor will increase the power loss on the line and improve the efficiency of power generation


2. Help the power plant to avoid that when the load power factor of the generator is too low, the generator operation power factor will decrease greatly, so that the excitation winding operates under overload, and even cause the excitation winding to be isolated

The edge was punctured and burned.

3. Avoid generator shutdown due to low power load of power grid, so as to ensure the safety of generator and power grid.

4. Avoid voltage tripping or power cut-off caused by voltage rise of the whole network caused by hydropower station in rainy season and rainy season.

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