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Aging test of new energy electric steam motor driver

Aging test of new energy electric steam motor driver
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Product overview:

The electric drive system in the new energy electric vehicle system is an important part of the whole vehicle system. Its basic performance and control effect directly affect the performance index of the whole vehicle, and the motor controller is the core component of the electric drive system. During the operation of electric vehicle, the process of motor controller failure is the process of its technical status change. Once the drive motor or controller fails, the transient torque generated by the motor will affect the stability and power of the vehicle. If it can not be found or repaired in time, it will bring immeasurable losses or accidents. Therefore, the fault diagnosis of electric vehicle motor and controller is of great significance to ensure safety and reduce losses.

Therefore, the performance test and aging test of motor driver are particularly important. The motor simulation load developed by us is designed for the aging occasion of motor driver, which can accurately evaluate the service life and performance of the controller and improve the reliability of product development.

Product features:

It is made of special materials and technology, with low impedance, small three-phase imbalance and long service life. It supports durability test conditions for more than 3000 hours.

Product application:

Aging test / durability test of motor driver of new energy electric vehicle

Typical customers:

Electric drive, China automotive research, GAC, liandian, Bosch, Weilai and Xiaopeng automobile, with outstanding focus!

Ws motor analog load

Working average rate


Voltage range




DC resistance value


Rated current


Protection function

Overtemperature protection and fan fault protection

Number of channels

Single channel or dual channel

Overall dimension


Running time

Greater than 3000h

Communication function

RS 485

Reference Standard No.:

GBT 29307-2012 reliability test method of drive motor system for electric vehicle

GBT 18488.2-2015 drive motor systems for electric vehicles Part 2: Test methods

Gb-t18488.1-2006 electric vehicle and its controller part 1 technical conditions

GB_ T 18488.1-2015 electric vehicle motor controller standard

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>AC / DC load
>AC / DC test power supply
>Integrated solutions
>Charging facility test solution
>New energy testing solutions
>Power maintenance test solution
>Microgrid dynamic model test solution
>Welding machine test solution
>Switching device solutions
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