What is the role of AC / DC load box in power maintenance

Issuing time:2021-06-11 14:42

As we know, AC load box is a kind of power detection and maintenance equipment. Then, why should we detect the power supply of the generator set? What are the functions of AC load box in power maintenance?

First, let's talk about why we should test the generator set equipment. Generally, the diesel generator set is commonly used as the backup power supply. If the load of the diesel generator set is too low, if it is lower than 60% or no-load operation, it will have a bad impact on the productivity of the generator set, resulting in insufficient fuel combustion, carbon deposition at the piston and nozzle, loss of the generator set, and the backup power supply can not play a good role. So what is the role of AC load box in the maintenance of standby power supply?


It usually has two functions:

The first is to detect and maintain the standby power supply and provide reliable guarantee for the normal start of diesel generator set in case of emergency;

The other is that the AC load box can detect the load capacity of the new diesel generator set, and ensure the rationality of generator set selection and play its role in case of power failure.

The AC load box can also test the performance of the new battery project, provide scientific and reliable professional data basis for the acceptance of the new battery I process, and improve the rationality of the use of the new battery I process.

About the role of AC load box in the maintenance of standby power supply, I will share these for you. More welcome to contact us Aoying electric, specializing in the production of load boxes.

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