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"Sully" Action by Tom Hanks 2016

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"Sully" Action by Tom Hanks 2016 on Moviesay.com
"Sully" Action by Tom Hanks 2016 - In the latest film, Tom Hanks, he fits Captain Chesley" Sully "Sullenberger. US Airways pilot who made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in 2009. The two times Oscar winning role in every way, costar Eckhart, who plays the pilot Jeffrey Skiles, says in an interview with people.

Eckhart says that he really embodied him, just physically with his mustache and hair. He began to directly holding himself like Sully did and his economic speech and all things like that really nailed the Captain Sullenberger accuracy. It was really fantastic.

Sully himself regularly visited a series of Clint Eastwood directed films that describes the miracle of landing and subsequent investigations that threaten to destroy the reputation and career. The Airbus A320 was dismantled and transported to the pool in the Warner Bros. set.

Echkart says that he has been making movies for a long time, however every time you see the complete plane in the pool there. It blew us away; everyone was very impressed with that. When they filmed in the Hudson River in New York City, the scene was very evocative of the landing.

He said that they have all the boats which are used in the actual rescue in the Hudson a lot of the same people who are all there. It was very moving to hear them tell their stories and get a feel for what it was. It was very cool and everyone said it was very quiet. Eckhart and Hanks even practiced on a simulator for the Airbus A320 in order to capture the pressure and the emotions of the unfortunate journey.

To simulate they had the exact fights patterns to map accurately simulate as they fly on certain flight and they are exciting because you get up in the air, you are 3,000 feet, you have three minutes to see what happens and then a solution and then to land and made a decision to land in the Hudson, which is not a long time.

Then they have the radio conversations and transcripts between Sully and towers to hear how quiet it is and how exactly that. It was nice to shoot a scene and everyone was out on the wing and saw Tom take over. It was a blast. That’s all about "Sully" Action by Tom Hanks 2016.

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"Sully" Action by Tom Hanks 2016

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