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Bad Apples (2018)

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It's Halloween night, and two "bad apples" decide to play some wicked tricks on the one house in a suburban cul-de-sac that is not celebrating Halloween. They terrorize a young couple in their home and these tricks become increasingly more sinister as the night progresses, finally ending in a Halloween the entire neighborhood will never forget.

Bad Apple tells of terror on Halloween night experienced by a family by two crazy teenagers. The newly married couple (Brea Grant and Graham Skipper) to move to a small town. They just realize if their neighbors one of the problems that make them a little nervous.

On the other side of the local park, two teenagers show off a "scary" mask, annoying anyone who does not have Halloween and of course they do not like. Unfortunately the newly moved couple was the one they hated and it was Halloween night of the year that they would never forget. Also read Synopsis Film Living Among Us.

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