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“Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose" address the Roman Reigns controversy

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Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose - moviesay.com
“Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose" address the Roman Reigns controversy - Seth Rollins opened Monday Night Raw as wells as address million-pound gorillas in the room and recently suspended for 30 days Roman Reigns "for violating WWE's health policy. Rollins quickly got into it (claims that it should not be, it is doubtful), said that an engineer former team shield soils of my good name to be related to it.
Then, Rollins called the Roman regins to be removed from a triple threat match scheduled earlier with WWE Champion Dean Ambrose and himself at the battlefield (PPV falls outside the scope of the majors for 30 days, so it enters the night mysterious story line path.)
At this stage, Ambroses’ music hit as well as he said Roman Reigns had owned up to his mistakes, and he came down with a triple threat match continues on schedule. Then AG Stiles, who lost two covenants in the new titles, and recently asked to help defeat John Cena, proposes him to be a member of the three matches. He says Ambrose will still prevail, patterns fatal quad indicate Ambrose fine, Rollins said no. After that Sina music hits, and also threw his hat in the ring.
At this point, Stephanie McMahon came from and decides this issue: John Cena vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles. If styles and cena patterns to win, they will be added to the game. (It sounds like a Roman Reigns still in spite of his suspension, but not 100% specified).
The best wrestling came when the story line and real life are interrelated and linked to her viewers to see what's what. In this case, it is rolling with health suspend covenants and fell right in the story. This is the best start from raw in recent memory. That’s all the information about “Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose" address the Roman Reigns controversy.

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