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Christina Aguilera So Sexy “Change” Watch Video Here!!!

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Christina Aguilera So Sexy “Change” Watch Video Here!!! - Christina Aguilera has just released a new "change" theme song, which is dedicated to the victims of the shooting in Orlando. It is a song of empowerment that calls to end the rampant violence against homosexuals (and other marginalized minorities), and all sales of the songs downloaded on iTunes between would go to the National Compassion Fund, which raises money for the victims and their families.

The song, which authored by Aguilera with fancy Hagood and Flo Reutter, have release with lyrics which highlights the clear message of this song: "stand tall, be proud and raise your voice / Let them know who we are and our choices / and one day we do not need sings the chorus”. In the wake of the tragedy in Orlando, Christina Aguilera has released her new video for "change" to the victims of the nightclub fire pulse. With her powerful vocals, the song raises comfort during a scary time. Song of pride, it's a appropriate song to honor the victims.

Christina released that video on its website with a statement that a terrible tragedy which took place in Orlando still weighs in her mind. She has sent a lot of love and a lot of prayers for the victims and their families. She want to help by being part of the change the world needs to make it a place to be pretty comprehensive where people can love each other freely and vigorously.

"Change" follows many of the other songs written and performance to honor the victims of Orlando. Melissa Athredj debut "pulse", the memories of 49 people who died earlier this week. Broadway stars like Lin Manuel Miranda, Audra McDonald and Edina home and record the version of "What the world needs now is love," for the benefit of victims; and Rodgers Nile EW was working on a song that is "sympathetic to what just happened in Orlando."

"Change" got an average rating of 7.75 / 10 on the reviews music blog Idolator the basis of the four editors. "Ruby Dow wrote that the song is" a beautiful song about tolerance that has not dramatically swayed too much, "although the auditors find songs that are somewhat "immature" compared with some previous stories this Aguilera 2002. That is all about Christina Aguilera So Sexy “Change” Watch Video Here!!!

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