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Kylie Jenner: said "I Don't Need a Man OR Kris Jenner!

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Kylie Jenner has turned out to be business mogul. She said that she doesn’t need to be a man or money from her family to support her. Jenner said that being a feminist, does not depend on a man for her sustenance. She makes a bold statement about not relying on her family money as well. Some rumor said that her boyfriend, rapper Taiga had been banned by Kylie from future events, such as the behavior of the singer in the VIP room. Kylie admits independence does not mean a problem in a couple's life.

Jenner has proven successful at the age of 18, and taken the world by storm. She has used Social media to build the brand and promote her cosmetics along with the recently lip line. At this time, this seems to be the focal point. According to reports, Kylie has said that, despite having risen to fame for the appearance on KUWTK, she has looked for her own money for several years. She has changed herself be business women that have the responsibility to support the three fashion lines and direction of several ultra-hot lips. So, her statement came in freedom and be able to maintain the glamorous life style is the result of its success.

In a new interview with Glamour UK, 18 years is to let the world know his position on independence and we wonder how her boyfriend rapper 26 years, Taiga, will react!" I consider myself a feminist. I am a young woman, for one thing, I do not depend on a man or anyone else. I make my own money and start my private business, I feel like I'm an inspiration to many young girls, who wants to stand alone” said Kylie to Mag.
We cannot disagree, since she works very well for herself, thanks to the reality show for the family, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, prominence of social media and business are countless.

Kylie is characterized as a girl on the cover of the British edition of Glamour magazine in June. Her interview stand out in a very profitable way, because of the bad press she and his family get because of their personal lives documentation on television and social media. Jenner admits that she need one day to leave the world of entertainment and the spotlight. Looking at the growth, report indicates that it will soon grow to be larger than all her sisters, with respect to the number of his followers. Kylie knows the game and takes advantage of her popularity to gain an advantage.

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