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James McAvoy's Up For More X-Men Movies, And He Thinks Jennifer Lawrence Is Down, As Well

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What follows is 2011 X-Men, The Last Days of the future, X-Men: The End of the World Packaging "first class" trilogy in May. However, this is not always the last thing we saw of "first-class" repetition of the film in the future. It uses James McAvoy, that also paly as star in “the young Charles Xavier”. He is an interest in returning to the role at some point, and he believes that his co-star Jennifer Lawrence would join.

Despite saying in the past year, he probably will not play again after changing the shape of the mystery of the X-Men. "Death to the return of the" end of the world, Lawrence in recent times has made a shift when she mentioned that she want to come back. It is the translation of what McAvoy to say about the possibility of her return during an interview with a French site Linternaute. Yes, we have heard say that she is not in it, things like that. She told that she will think about it. So yes, it looks good. He hope that he can do it, because he like working with Jennifer. As you know, they were kind of like an extended family, in a strange way, for 6 or 7 years.

Xavier and Jennifer McAvoy, James Lawrence appeared ambiguity in the first X-Men: First Class, who, after growing up with each other, and they are looking for other mutations during the early 1960s. They take the relationship a nose dive when it determined to join the magnetic Mission spurts of excellence, but at the end of X-Men: saw-day future after some minor improvements, and X-Men: will the end of the world to see the work her magic with the other X-Men against criminals indefinitely has four Knights.

Although the spin-off as Didbol 2 Wolverine 3 is to come, it may still unclear, the future will hold for movie X-Men main star, but if they continue in the organization in the past, then there is a possibility that we can see this version of Professor X and mystery together again, although not necessarily. Who knows, maybe Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult may decide they wish to play the Magneto and beast respectively, and sometimes less than necessary.

As for McAvoy, Lawrence is back or not, he was down to play the headmaster in movie of Xavier School for Gifted young again if the 20 Century Fox wants him back. There were rumors that James McAvoy might reprise Professor X new mutants upcoming film, which would be meaningless if it is founded in the '80s or even early 90s. However, if it is set at the present time / the near future, featuring Professor X in the story, then they try to make Patrick Stewart play back in that role, which he repeated in the next year to 3 Wolverine.

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