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Justin Bieber:Controversial Photo,"Criticized By PETA"

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Justin Bieber With Tiger - Moviesay
Justin Bieber: Controversial Photo, “Criticized By PETA" - We do not know if this is true, but this picture of Justin Bieber Grain "with a tiger is worth at least WTF?! The two observations are clear: Justin finally cut panic, so the world can now return mocks everything about him. Tiger did not look too happy to be there. Not surprisingly, the PETA focuses on the latter side of the picture, which was published on Justin Biebier’s Instagram pages over the weekend.
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Seemingly, the tiger is one of the attractions of the party of his father, because if there are no forest animals. Anyway, as you know, PETA is not big on wildlife in wait for a rich entertainment D bag, and it has taken social media to express their ideas about Bieber fondness for boys to use endangered species as a status symbol: Justin Bieber is fortunate not to have his throat ripped by this confirms tigers in captivity,
"We know that he is attracted to the animals, but this is a very bad way to realize this interest due to exotic animals typically torn away from their prematurely mothers, beaten into submission by the coach, often processed to be benign, and deprived of everything natural and the importance for them.

It seems that the situation is terrible; as it was believed that the tiger belonged by Michael Hackenbeger, coach of Hollywood films, which are currently being investigated for animal cruelty. "Tiger appeared on the party Bieber synonymous Ruby, Bowmanville Tiger Zoo know are used for community meetings and used in the interview," and claimed representatives, adding that Ruby is one of the animal Hackenberger abuse.
The organization says it also sent a letter to the manager of Bieber, Scooter Braun pay the pop star to be the best role model to his fans. For people with large effects, such as Justin Bieber, the message is very simple: tigers and wild animals, not an artist. People pose with wild animals do not realize that" once in a lifetime "pictures of them concerned with the lives of misery for the animals. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Justin’s treatment has been criticized. In 2013 Bieber adopt a pet monkey, which had to be delivered to the German authorities when he tried to take a tour. That’s all the information about Justin Bieber: Controversial Photo,"Criticized By PETA".

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