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Kardashian Family: Resorting to Desperate Cash Grab, babe...

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Kardashian Family - Moviesay
Kardashian Family: Resorting to Desperate Cash Grab, babe... - It is always amazing when celebrities who get millions of years ended somehow broke out, but it's not all that uncommon. This is particularly surprising when the star obsessed with the financial position as Kardashians bankrupt, but one source claims the absence of the clan of the funds teetering on the brink of financial collapse. A source close to the situation said to Radar Online that the Kardashian family needs a miracle in order to save them from bleeding cash lowers. How can a family who did not miss an opportunity to shill new products or profit from their famous family name?

Now, several sources say factors contributed to the misery clan Card "at this time, including demoted Keeping Up with the Kardashians, wasteful spending, lawsuits, and broke ass boyfriend. The latter may come as a surprise, because for the most part, women are attracted to men who are successful, but with Kylie lease payment Taiga this, Kourtney continue to help Scott financially, said Kris Jenner maintain Corey Gamble about the allowance, apparently Girls learn the hard way "success" and "able to compete with the lifestyle Kardashian" are two different things.

Add to this the fact that the family is to link nearly $ 200 million in various legal actions are still pending, and it is not hard to see they may start to worry. The source said Chris Kompany Kanye is believed the solution to the problems of their money, but Western $ 53 million in debt just makes the situation worse.

The insider family said that they all got very satisfied with the money when Kanye came on the scene, but it was the worst of them with money. Unfortunately, Kim seems to have done little to reduce spending her outrageous.

She blows $ 300K a month on shopping and this is only not sustainable. There is also much that is happening is not enough for the next Chris tearing his hair with concern," said the source familiar with. "This family is towards a real problem, if they do not begin to change things too quickly." Anybody believes that there is a lot of sympathy there for a wild own family, and "social", who describes their selves who burned through their luck with a wide bad decisions. That’s all the information about Kardashian Family: Resorting to Desperate Cash Grab, babe....

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