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Meet the Blacks

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Meet the Blacks - is the latest comedy Hollywood movie 2016 that was produced by Deon Taylor. Shannon McIntosh, Roxanne Avent and Deon Taylor as a producer handle the movie and were produced by Hidden Film Empire. This movie is distributed by freestyle that released on the 1st of April 2016. The Meet the Blacks with 90 minutes will offer you a comedy drama movie that will surely make you laugh from scenes to scenes that they play.

The Meet the Black is a movie that tells about family in debt convolution and they want to escape from moneylenders. The moneylender is starring some of Hollywood actresses including boxing legend Mike Tyson. In this movie, Mike Epps as Carl Black, Zulay Henao as Lorena, Mike Tyson as James Clown, Lavell Crawford as a Parole Officer, Andrew Bachelor as Freezee, Bresha Webb as Allie, Charlie Murphy as Key Flo, Gary Owen as a Stranger, DeRay Davis as Tyrone, and Lil Duval as Cronut.

The Meet the Blacks movie tells about a family consisting of Carl Black (Mike Epps) and his wife Lorena (Zulay Henao) . Along with his daughter Allie (Bresha Webb) and his cousin Cronut (Lil Duval) who was running away from the debt collectors’. They have quite a lot of debt and they do not want to pay the debt and want to escape. The story begins with Carl Black's family that suddenly got approximately 1 million dollars, they do not use that money to payback debt but instead fled and moved from the city of Detroit to the place that can be said that the housing of the rich Beverly direct Hills. They suddenly rush to move by driving a private car.
They do not seek out information about where they want to go Beverly Hills, because the place has a rule that does not common. They set rules that each year there will be cleaning where if there is a family that makes criminal acts, they will be expelled from the Beverely Hills. Therefore, the debt and receivables matter can be classified a crime, and they came to the Beverly Hills when the annual cleaning program.

While they were busy with their annual cleaning program, moneylenders’ debt began to learn about their existence and hunt for them because they want new money in the can to repay the debt. Will the Meet the Blacks movie become sad or happy ending?

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